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Packaging specialist since over 50 years

Calibration, washing, sorting and packaging potatoes are done in our center in Bailleul. In order to respond at the demand of his clientele, Maison Lecouffe offer a wide range of packaging.

1kg - 2,5kg


The Vertbag is a bag made of extruded net bag which is perfect for small packaging. He is practical with his integrated handle.

Its main advantage is a medium communication label recto-verso that is integrated on the net. This permit to obtain more information on the products (receipt, cooking time…). It’s very common in hyper and supermarkets.

Available in packaging od 1 and 2,5 kg.

Customizable packagings.

1kg - 2,5kg


Similar to the Vertbag, Dpack is characterised by his handle exterior handle on the side of the packaging, more aesthetics with different colours compared to the communication support on the packaging.

Two possible options : knitted net or extruded net.

Customizable packagings.



Staple is a staple net, perfect to contain consumption potatoes with a small and medium diameter (40-60).

It has printable label with legal notices. Support of communication is not available.

Its low cost and simplicity make it an appropriate net for first price products. This product is massively asked by supermarkets.

Available in packaging of 2,5kg.

10kg - 12,5kg


Highly saleable by wholesalers, cardboard is particularly suitable for salad potatoes, firm flesh potatoes or consumption potatoes of premium quality.

The strength of the cardboard is in his capacity to protect potatoes from the light (and therefore greening) and to have 4 faces of communication.

Available in 10 and 12,5kg.

Customizable packaging.



This packaging is ideal for direct bulk sale in stores.

The communication of the product is provided by a cardboard support. The latter also prevents the greening of the potatoes.

Available in packing IFCO, EPS or cardboard tray of 15kg.

5kg up to 25kg


Traditional packaging or with band, the net is the ideal packaging for consumption potatoes or fries with diameter 50+, but also for onions. It is mostly used for export even if it is also in supermarket.

Available in 5, 10, 15 and 25 kg.

Customizable band.

To export


Packaging in 1200kg Bigbag is ideal for potatoes and onions intended to export.

In fact the hessian of the big bag allows us to protect the produce during his handling.

Moreover it s really manoeuvrable with its four straps and practical with its total opening and draining channel.

This project is co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).