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Our Activity

SARL Maison Lecouffe is a family company created in 1902 by the great grandfather of Hervé Lecouffe, the owner of the company.

Located in Bailleul, North of France, we are specialised in the trade and packaging potatoes (new potatoes, firm flesh, consumption, industry). We commercialise also onions and potatoes plants.

Every year Maison Lecouffe package more than 25 000 tonnes of potatoes for the French market and export.

Our values


The supply of the center in potatoes is based partly on a contractual policy set with producers from the region Hauts-de-France mostly certified GlobalG.A.P.. That allows us to offer a wide range of local varieties of potatoes and ensure a constant follow-up of your supplies.


We make a monitoring of the plots to accompany producers into their decisions making : varietal choice; planting; vegetation follow-up; harvest; storage.


As soon as they arrive in our warehouse the potatoes are controlled in order to ensure us of their quality. Our process is very complete. The moment we receive the merchandise, we collect a sample. Then, we wash it and get it measured. That allows us to measure the dry matter and nitrate content in the potatoes collected. Finally, a cooking test is realised according to the role of the potatoes variety (steaming, oven or fry).

This project is co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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